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True or false ?

Appreciation of humor is decreased among patients with Parkinson’s disease. My contribution to this question : Fake Parkinson’s film titles The Good, the Bad and the Shaky (Sergio Leone) Dependence day (Roland Emmerich) We (definitely) own the night (James Gray) Apocalypse tomorrow (Francis Ford Coppola) Back to the past (Robert Zemeckis and our Hero) […]

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Chapter 25 Double-Click decides to take Bobbing Bob’s advice. He sits on his couch and switches on the bizarre, garish TV channel whose banner spouts a constant stream of world news and stock prices. He learns that during his 2016 campaign, Trump could not resist the lure of a weapon of mass destruction that was […]

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Historique! Pour la première fois un auteur auto-édité reçoit deux prix littéraires auto-décernés la même année!

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Chapter 11: Why

Once the shock subsided, Double-Click asked the question everyone asks upon discovering they have a pathology that nothing seemed to predispose them to: WHY ME? Double-Click searched the Web for statistics that would shed some light on why Old Hubert took a liking to him. Amid the maze of scientific and medical sites, he came across […]

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Chapter 9

9. MONA A month after the diagnosis fell, Double-Click contacted a specialist in “motivational disorders” who goes by the name of Mona. Coined at a time when the word “suffering” was persona non grata, the term was trending in psychiatric circles to indicate depressive tendencies. Feeling quite uneasy but knowing he had to open up, he first quoted Steve Jobs: “Sometimes life’s going to […]

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